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Sharing my Knowledge in Blogging

I have been invited as a resource speaker in one blogging event/conference in the neighboring province. It was a very opportune time to share the knowledge I have about blogging and somehow I have imparted important information to those who are into the same business that I am in. Some of the other resource speakers have also touched on ITIL and how it can help improve productivity, how it can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. I am hoping that with the knowledge and ideas I have shared, I am also able to help those who are yet to start with their blogging “career”.

Gadgets To Make My Blogging Life Easy

I love gadgets! Although most of those gadgets I really like is too expensive and not practical for me to buy, I still enjoy looking at them when I see those items in the mall, or even advertised on TV or whenever I see them online. These gadgets may range from a simple mobile phone, camcorder, laptop, iPod, iPad, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and a lot more.

What really made me sort of “addicted” to these gadgets are the reason that it can make my life more easy and comfy. As a blogger I can say that most of my listed favorite gadgets above are necessities to my blogging life. Through them, I can be able to blog even if I’m on the go, update my social networking status, check my mails, among others, anytime, anywhere! If I can have them, I know I won’t be tied to my desktop computer at home anymore, but since it is impractical for me to aspire for these things as of now, I‘ll be just be contented, as of the moment, looking at them being displayed.