Going Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You and your computer is unstoppable. You have got tapping on your keyboard for hours on end down pat and you can probably do your job while your other hand is busy doing something else. You are in your element when you work on line and you are productive, beating one deadline after another.

But what if you have to go out of your comfort zone and do something totally out of your league? You might have second thoughts and you might just consider backing out, but how would you know you can do something if you will not give it a shot? So the next time your father or your husband delegated their other tasks to you, say yes before you can even think about it. If the task will entail shopping forĀ surplus welding suppliesĀ or similar un-glamorous errands, then so be it. You will be surprised at what else you can do when you just go with the flow and open up.

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